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Spring has sprung!

Posted on February 09 2018

How amazing is it is to see a stretch in the evening? I love this time of the year when you get rid of the last of the Christmas candles that have done their cinnamon and berry job. I've replaced mine with my new window pot plants from Ikea called 'Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana' meaning Flaming Katy! Interesting...

It's still too early for light Summer clothes unfortunately, besides freezing to death you would look a bit silly heading out in your white linen dress just now! How nice is it to see these gorgeous wool and cashmere knits arrive in the most beautiful sorbet colours to brighten up your day? Available in mint, cream, pale pink and soft white, stay warm while keeping things bright in these cheerful hues. 

Our 'Just Landed' collections are 'wearable, affordable luxury'. It is our tag line and this is what our customers love and cant get enough of. 

We all have busy lives and are on the go most of the time so we like to feel comfortable in our clothes but feel great. Our Parle De Vous, jersey edge to edge long jacket fits this bill. Soft grey or for a pop of colour, electric blue, this jacket looks so cool with our cropped jeans and our new Scandinavian sneakers.

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