So excited to be back with something different!
Growing my new online business www.diffusion.ie has allowed me to take time to study what it is that is needed in this crazy fabulous world of fashion that we live in!

It has been a very Interesting journey for me personally, while I have done all the Big Brand Label buying for years, now I have paired it all back to a more understated contemporary selection of must have pieces. From Canada to Copenhagen and from Paris to Milan I have really enjoyed the challenge of sourcing new 'ready to wear' fashion that is different and special.


Kate Gleeson
Kate Gleeson, has always been passionate about beautiful fabrics and innovative yet timeless fashion with an edge. With over two decades of experience operating her own ladies boutique DIFFUSION in Clontarf, she has a unique understanding of women’s styling needs. Throughout the years and with many business and fashion awards under her belt, Kate has built up a wealth of knowledge and a loyal following. This is Kate’s first online venture, and she is relishing the prospect of introducing her unique style and experience to a wider audience.