Six Nations Style

Six Nations Style

Six Nations Style Fashion what to wear. Photo of team celebrating


That time is upon us, the Six Nations, I love everything about this time of year, drink in hand, meeting people you haven't seen in years and cheering on the Boys in Green! Although, one thing I hear time and time again is.. what to wear?!
It's a difficult one, you want to be warm and comfortable, whether you're going to the match itself (in which case no less than 4 layers needed to brave the cold) or going to a pub where you may be standing for hours. That perfect sweet spot between warm, comfortable, effortless and stylish is a difficult place to find but I'm here to help.
These black wax jeans are a staple and we should all have them in our wardrobes. If these aren't for you, go for our Italian collection standard black jeans. From here I highly suggest our gorgeous soft lace trim camisole - a far cry from the school vests that haunt us! Next up are any of the items in our knitwear selection, click here to view them all however, my personal favourite is the Jose oversized sand polo sweater. Tie it all together and lock in warmth with any of our Reset long jackets- I love the black, what I love about these coats is simply take it off and roll it up into your handbag if you do manage to secure a seat in a cosy pub.
Finally, the Lofina leather flat boots are perfect for these long days spent standing. I adore the white  ones and I wear them almost daily however if you are terrified of two many stray Guinness spillages, the black are just as chic.


Happy cheering and COYBIG!


Kate x

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