tapestry embroidered glamorous coat

Take me to the Opera!

This incredible tapestry opera coat needed its own place on Diffusion.ie where I could tell the story of this piece. I needed to have it the moment I saw it and I'll now tell you why many of you do too!

Many years ago, I was on one of my first buying trips to Paris and happened to walk past the Opera on my way back to the hotel. It was when all the attendees were pouring out and I was mesmerised by the style of these women. One thing that struck me was that this is not where you find the usual, simple, effortless clothing of the Parisian women. Clearly, every ensemble had been painstakingly thought out, each fabric was the best of the best.

It being a cold January evening, the crowd was dressed in heavy velvet, long silks and most importantly for this post- embroidered coats. It seemed like the fabric for these pieces had been taken right from the walls of a french chateau to be turned from a tapestry into coats for these women. It really is something that never left me and when I happened across this piece, I needed it for Diffusion.ie. I also didn't need to think twice about a product name, it was instantly, the Opera Coat!

Never have I loved a product so much for being such an effortless addition to an outfit to make it special. Wear this over blue jeans and a t-shirt or black trousers and an evening top to instantly add that touch of glamour.

Kate x

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